Visual Identity, Document Design, Web Design

Fisher Cheng


Design of the Wealdstone High Street visual identity aims to develop a cohesive and playful strategy that is going to promote the area and bring together various local businesses. One of the main reference points when developing the approach to the identity was Metro-Land publishings.

The historic references of the Wealdstone area have been directly translated into the typefaces used within the visual identity. Denton Serif derives its sleek and nostalgic geometries directly from the paper and TV advertisements from the 1920s. The modern, condensed look is juxtaposed with a unique, playful ED Nimpkish typeface. Its combination of the freehand and slab font options directly references the brief and the first public engagement. All those references are carefully considered and combined into the main logo mark. To harness the diversity of the high street and reflect it in the work, I analysed the flag colours of the various nationalities present in Wealdstone and created a colour palette that became the “flag of Wealdstone.”

Wealdstone High Street visual identity can be expressed throughout various types of media. Example promotional posters play a direct homage to the Metro-land magazines by incorporating a 4:5 image ratio with a bottom panel available for events information. Additionally, a set of new patterns have been developed that takes inspiration of the artwork on the high street.

Wealdstone High Street